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SAYR Ingeniería & Ocio was born in 2.018 with the aim of undertaking and being able to provide technical quality and proximity to the natural environment and society.

The idea of ​​combining Forest Engineering work with Active Tourism creates a special link between the Mountain and society, achieving an improvement in environmental values ​​and a new thinking for the future.

The mountains are increasingly abandoned, wasting the amount of products and opportunities they offer. Our line of work is to change this trend and provide customers with proximity and good technical work to provide solutions to current problems.

Another identity of SAYR is Active Tourism. Taking advantage of the months where forestry work cannot be undertaken during the summer period is one more way of being able to see the opportunity and benefits of our natural environments that are currently not being carried out, creating wealth in the territory, setting and creating new attractors. and finally avoid the depopulation of the rural world.

Tourism is a complement that from SAYR we see to promote Natural Spaces and influence future generations through Environmental Education.

Our vision.

We cooperate to improve our natural spaces, where forests are the lungs of the planet, since without vegetation there is no life.

Climate change and globalization make us propose new methods and dynamics to publicize forest resources and better understand the functioning of forests to guarantee their conservation.

Putting value on natural resources, along with the immense amount of products and services that our mountains can generate is a vision to change the idea or mentality that it is possible to improve our planet, and our philosophy is to start locally, focusing on the problems and possible solutions that are generated at the point, where we carry out a close and personalized treatment with the client.

Environmental Values.

We provide tools that emphasize obtaining new ways of knowing from all social actors, and the consciousness of human beings encompasses not only their daily life to the closest in their life environment, but even the furthest, than participation and intervention on nature and the environment is understood and reflected in a global way.

The understanding of the human being from the aspects of conservation, maintenance and protection for each act that affects the environment is therefore decisive within these values.

Respect for Nature is a Value to Be Instilled in Children from Home

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